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CRN Games: CRN Games

CRN Games

CRN Games publishes eclectic role-playing games. I’m the owner and author, Clinton R. Nixon. I make these games because I love fun and expression.

Hi, and welcome to CRN Games! You’re either here because you know all about role-playing games and want some, or because you don’t know about role-playing games and managed to stumble upon my site.

If you’re here to find out about my games, I’ve written The Princes’ Kingdom, The Shadow of Yesterday, and Donjon. Feel free to check them out, and explore the site.


9 April 2008

I recently closed my long-standing forum at The Forge, and it’s been quite a while since I put out any news or support for my games, so I thought it might be time for an update. If you’ve enjoyed any of my games, you’ll want to know about my future plans.

I’ve always been a hobbyist at heart, and I think my low-profile business and loving approach to games has borne that out. As a hobbyist, my interest ebbs and wanes, and I have other engaging goals in my life, such as my family and my contributions to open-source software.

I’m looking to move to being even more of a hobbyist, and looking to have a better presence for fans of my games at the same time. That’s a hard set of goals, though, so I’m taking a little while to reevaluate my approach. There will definitely be more news soon. What I can promise is that my games will continue to be in print, and that I’m working hard to make sure they remain supported and even expanded upon.

If you want to keep up with CRN Games news, or want a forum to talk about my games, please feel free to join the CRN Games e-mail group.

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