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CRN Games: Donjon


Do you remember the first time you played a fantasy RPG? I played an elf, and didn’t know anything about the system, but just imagined it all in my head. I was so amazed that I could choose to do anything I wanted to. Donjon is all about that – recapturing that sense of wonder and running with it.

Donjon cover

How does it work?

Donjon has a cool dice pool system that provides for multiple successes on every roll. Every success you get is one statement that you, the player, get to declare about your action. Want to find a secret door to escape from the horde of trolls coming your way? Look for one – if you succeed, it’ll be there. Want to find a magic sword on that dead adventurer over there? Loot the body – you’ll find it with a success. Wondering what’s on the other side of that door? Bash it down – with enough successes, you’ll tell the GM what’s there.

Donjon has a revolutionary new approach to making adventures that provides for this sort of player power, giving the players room to do what they want, while allowing the game master to plan ahead. Also, it’s really fun.