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CRN Games: The Shadow of Yesterday

The Shadow of Yesterday

“The most mature fantasy I’ve ever read.”

— Ben Lehman, author of Polaris

“A unique weird fantasy setting that’s as intriguing as anything Robert E. Howard or Fritz Leiber put together. It’s a testament to the quality of the whole package that this is one of the few games I’ve found that I want to run unaltered, unadulterated, just right out of the box.”

— Paul Tevis, “Have Games Will Travel”

“The TSOY system excellently combines elements from a hundred other fantasy games, and yet still manages to be its own unique beast. The mechanics keep the action fast, furious, and at a human scale.

“The mechanics, however, are at their best when they are tied into the game’s extraordinary setting. Near is an awesome piece of work, a fantasy world full of dark people and disparate cultures, a deeply human place where your characters can become people. It is, quite simply, the most adult fantasy world that I’ve ever seen.”

— A judge in the 2004 Indie RPG Awards

“The Shadow of Yesterday cuts the crap and gets to the heart of what makes fantasy enjoyable.”

— Seriously, another judge in the 2004 Indie RPG Awards

“The game is a great read (I’m one of those who thinks that an RPG should be as much fun to read as it is to play) ... Maybe it’s just me, but Shadow of Yesterday is for me, as an indie game, the right size – both in terms of background given and rules supplied et al…. SoY, on the other hand, gives enough without leaving my gamer’s appetite growling – the right amount of material to prime the engine, as it were.”

— Brad Elliott, EOS Press